Q: How many times a week do Rimrock teams practice?

All teams typically practice 2 times per week.  Our top competitive teams will have additional practices scheduled throughout the season before designated “high-visibility-tournaments”.

Q: How many tournaments a month do Rimrock teams attend?

Rimrock teams attend on average 2 tournaments per month during the competitive season beginning with the month of January.  Tournaments can be one, two, or three days in length.  They are held on Saturdays, Sundays and/or over three-day holiday weekends.  All teams play in a minimum of 1 local tournament per month with higher level teams participating in a number of travel tournaments throughout the Northwest.  Teams may also participate in national-level tournaments in June contingent on meeting certain qualifying standards.

Q: How much does it cost to play Rimrock?

Rimrock fees compare favorably with other established clubs.  Costs vary by age-group:  they also vary within an age-group depending on that team’s competitive level and amount of travel.  Typically, teams at the highest competitive levels and in the older age-groups cost the most.  Rimrock offers payment options to spread the payments out over the first few months of the club season. Costs are incurred during the first two months of the season because the team must enter tournaments and pay all associated fees in January.  There is no refund if you decide to quit or are injured.  This is because tournaments do not refund the teams entry fee for players who do not play in a tournament for any reason.

Fees cover all tournament entry fees, individual and team entry fees with USAV, practice facility rental, team supplies and equipment, coaching salaries and certifications, club administration, and uniforms. Fees do not cover any travel expenses (mileage, hotel, food).